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Art Experience Grimm’s Hotels


hen visiting Grimm's Hotels, many guests ask about the artists who decorate the walls in our hotels. Reason for us to take a closer look at art and works of art.

For the Grimm’s Hotel am Potsdamer Platz, a public tender was held in which different fairy tales were specified. The artistic implementation of these fairy tales was left entirely to the participating artists. They were able to decide on the materials used for the realization as well as on the style of painting and/or drawing, and a digital treatment of the theme was also possible. Whether comic, classic, colorful or black and white was irrelevant. – The artists were to be given the greatest possible creative freedom. The result is an artistic realization that could not be more different on each floor and surprises again and again.

Bar & 6th floor: Little Red Riding Hood

The fairy tale Little Red Riding Hood enhances the art experience right at the entrance area near the bar and also on the 6th floor.. The illustrations are made by Esther Ruthenfranz, who also designed the 2nd floor of the hotel with the fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.

2nd Floor: Sleeping Beauty

In designing the rooms, meticulous attention was given to details such as lampshades and coat hooks that reflect the fairy tale themes, enriching the art experience for our guests. The modern interpretation of these fairy tales makes the art experience appealing for both families and business travelers.

3rd Floor: Hansel and Gretel & 5th floor: Hans in Luck
 7th floor: The Valiant Little Tailor

On the 3rd floor, David Frank’s interpretation of The Frog Prince adds a charming dimension to the art experience, while his Hansel and Gretel on the 5th floor enchants guests with a black and white silhouette. Frieda Bellmann’s art experience of Hans in Luck features a large mural, also showcased in the lobby of Grimm’s Hotel in Mitte. Vera Langer’s comic-like Valiant Little Tailor on the 7th floor completes this diverse art experience.

In Teltow, the artistic concept was finally adopted in 2021. Even the carpet shows the fairy tale motifs in modern form of silhouettes. Come by and visit us…


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Cover: Festival of Lights, Lightning of the fairy tale theme on the facade of Grimm’s Hotel at Potsdamer Platz © Grimm’s Hotels

Fotos: © Kischreport