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Christmas Garden Berlin – the Botanical Garden enchants with a sea of lights


nly about 15 minutes away from our hotel in Teltow by car, you can immerse yourself in a completely different world from November 16 and escape the noise and bustle of the (pre-)Christmas season. When it gets dark, the Botanical Garden opens its doors from 4.30 p.m. for an illuminated magical world along the circular path. Where otherwise deepest darkness reigns, the LED lights of more than 30 installations, which can be discovered on a tour through the garden, shine from November as every year at this time. No Christmas Garden is like the other and every year impressive perspectives and colorful illuminations are shown again. Many new creative highlights are also included this year, such as the Rainbow World, which, coordinated with a special sound design, will be a spectacular new installation presented with 60 spiral-shaped glow sticks. Newly staged classics such as the popular sea of lights with 28000 light-emitting diodes will once again enchant visitors this year and invite them to dream. A new audiovisual water fairy tale is dreamlike staged by the representation of the four elements fire, water, earth and air by music as well as water mist. The wonder world is completed with nostalgic animal figures and countless fairy lights.

Singing Tree ((c) Michael Clemens)
Magical Galaxy ((c) Christmas Gardens - Michael Clemens)
Italian Garden ((c) Michael Clemens)
Water Fairy Tale ((c) Michael Clemens)

This year, for the first time, there will be open-air gastronomy. You will find rustic cottage romance and a Christmas Garden Lounge at the Victoria House with lounge chairs and blankets. A glass of hot wine punch and a culinary offer surrounded by all these lights sound like a promise for an unforgettable evening.

Moon Meadow ((c) Michael Clemens)

…and for those, who are now worried about the power consumption, the organizer counters that the energy efficiency in the Christmas Garden Berlin has been continuously reduced since the first event in 2016. For 5 years all illuminations shining are powered by 95% LED technology. Because of technically efficient processes the power consumption was reduced additionally this year. The ice rink, which consumes a particularly large amount of electricity, was still dispensed with.

By the way, taking pictures is explicitly desired, there will be a photo competition with a prize draw for the best pictures by the organizer.

When? November 16, 2022 to January 15, 2023

Where? Botanical Garden Berlin, Königin-Luise-Strasse 6-8, 14195 Berlin, Germany.

Opening hours? daily from 4:30 p.m. – 10:00 p.m. except on the following days: November 21,22,28,29 and December 24 & 31, 2022.

Tickets? Regularly from 20,50 € for adults

Info? via the website