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The Bird with the Pearl Earring

Pop Up exhibition of Magdalena Hohlweg from 24. to 27.11.22 in the gallery erstererster in Prenzlauer Berg


etween 1963 and 1991 there were archaeological excavations and investigations at several places in the desert of historical Jude, a kingdom in the south of modern Israel, which known for its many and high quality dates. Date seeds were found that were about 2000 years old. As early as 2005, researchers succeeded in germinating a kernel that had been christened Methusela.

…how date seeds become art

Date Seed Beetle "Hanna and Methusalem" (© M. Hohlweg)

2000 year old date seeds were not used by the artist, but the story inspired Magalena Hohlweg to her collage of the two date beetles “Hanna and Methuselah”.

The Art is in the Detail

Magdalena Hohlweg with cockchafer wings (© Magdalena Hohlweg)

When was the last time you paid attention to found objects on a walk, such as lost feathers, seed pods, dried rosebuds or seeds (they don’t have to be date seeds)? After a visit to Magdalena Hohlweg’s exhibition, you’re guaranteed to see the world through different eyes! The artist uses discarded, lost, small plastic finds, apple cores, seeds, chewed leaves or other organic collectibles that she finds on walks and lets fragile new worlds arise – in the end there are miniature collages and drawings that are guaranteed to put you in a good mood!

The art is in the Detail (© Magdalena Hohlweg)

With a lot of imagination and joy, individual found earrings, snaps or strings are integrated into the pictures and thus become filigree works of art on which you can always discover new details. Each picture tells a happy story, and bears such funny names as “Siskin in the Brushwood”, “Two Magic Nuts for Cinderella” or “The Bird with the Pearl Earring”. Lost, deformed and thus worthless small parts are given a new, artistic meaning – sustainability with a hodgepodge of curiosities careless until they are found! Inspiration for the work “The bird with the pearl earring” was the work of Vermeer, undoubtedly! …triggered by the earring found on the street at the bottom left of the picture. …and now itself an original by Magdalena Hohlweg, which does not have to fear the comparison with the large model! With approximately 30 works in the Berlin exhibition, you can research the fantastic world yourself and admire the beauty and imagination of the artist in detail under the exhibition title “Romance 2.0”.

left: The Bird with the Pearlearring, above: Collage from the current exhibition "Romance 2.0" /title "The Inseparable" (Fotos © Magdalena Hohlweg)

Who wants to dive into this world, should not miss the upcoming pop-up exhibition “Romance 2.0”. After the vernissage on November 24, the artworks of Magdalena Hohlweg (unfortunately only 1 weekend) in the gallery “erstererster” in Prenzlauer Berg to admire and of course to buy. Christmas Shopping in Berlin can hardly be more cheerful, go there necessarily

© Magdalena Hohlweg

In addition to the approximately 30 miniature collages by Magdalena Hohlweg, which range in size from about 20 x 20cm to 100 x 80 cm, you can also expect to see works of textile designs by Pia Wessels in the Crossover exhibition, in which unusual breaks in style are shown and combined to create idiosyncratic “Fashion Botanica” creations.

© Magdalena Hohlweg

When? 24 November 2022 to 27 November 2022

Where? Gallery “erstererster” Berlin, Pappelallee 69

Opening hours? 24.11.22 Vernissage 7.00 p.m.

                             25.-27.11.22 from 11.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m.

Info? via Magdalena Hohlweg’s website at