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ITB – the International Tourism Exchange is back with a new concept


he leading trade fair for tourism reinvents itself, with new ideas and a new concept exclusively for trade visitors

From March 7-9, 2023, the ITB will be held again for the first time on the Berlin exhibition grounds. The concept has been revised thus the trade show is now only open to business customers. In the past, from the 4th day of the event, the ITB was also open to the public. The leading international trade fair intends to concentrate fully on trade visitors, buyers and media representatives in the future, in order to respond even more effectively to the market. What to look forward to?:

Georgia tastes like more

This year’s host country is Georgia. A small country with a great cultural tradition and a warm atmosphere as far as hospitality is concerned. Georgia has been independent since 9.4.1991. After initial historical dependence on the Byzantine Empire, annexations followed again and again, first by the Tsarist Empire, later by Russia and the USSR. The former affiliation is probably still a major issue today as far as freedom of the press is concerned – according to Amnesty International, there has been repeated arbitrariness by the authorities in the recent past, especially with regard to opposition leaders or journalists. Nevertheless, Georgia is classified as a safe country for tourists. Due to its geographical location, Georgia is considered the “balcony of Europe”. Although there are still a number of unsolved environmental problems, one of the largest contiguous nature reserves in Asia was established in Georgia with the help of the World Wide Fund for Nature (opened in 2001). The old town of the capital Tbilisi still has many old buildings, such as the Sioni Cathedral from the 5th century or the old bathing quarter, where in the 17th century sulfur baths were taken at temperatures between 37 and 39 degrees. Not only therefore the old centre of Tbilisi is a “hot” candidate for the list of the World Cultural Heritage of Unesco. …and not to forget the food. A traditional feast in Georgia is called supra. It has a long tradition and an even longer sequence of mouth watering dishes: for example, pkhali (spinach and walnut salad balls), pakhlava – a sweet pastry already known from oriental countries, khachapuri – juicy dough patties filled with a lot of cheese, somewhat reminiscent of Mexican quesadillas or badrijani nigvzit, fried eggplant with walnut sauce.

Pictures above u right: Culinary delights of Georgia ©KamranAydinov/Freepik

Travel trends, LGBTIQ community, establish sustainability as standard

Countries in Southeast Asia such as Vietnam and Taiwan are international travel destinations with increasing numbers of tourists. These countries are currently very popular with travelers from the USA. Within Europe, the cultural cities of Edinburgh, Lisbon and Munich are very much in vogue.*Source: expedia_traveltrends-report_rgb_us-1.pdf(

Another big theme this year is travel for the LGBTIQ community. By far the most tolerant destination is Malta. According to, the island is the number one travel destination in terms of laws and lived reality with 92.93%, followed by Denmark (73.78%), Belgium (71.51%) and Norway and Luxembourg with 68%. Last on the list are Azerbaijan, Turkey, Armenia and Russia.

According to a survey many travelers would like to see more sustainability in their vacation travel, which is an upward trend since 2018. The main criteria for sustainability are human rights, local labor, regional culture, preservation of the landscape with flora and fauna, and water-saving measures. What many of the respondents fear, however, are possible additional costs or the concern that vacation wishes may not be realized due to this. In addition, there is skepticism about certifications and corresponding uniform labels and basic requirements for labels that are supposed to identify and guarantee sustainability. Establishing this credibility is likely to be the biggest challenge for the tourism industry, as well as identifying alternatives that make sustainable travel possible without exploding costs.*

*Source: Bavarian State Ministry for Economic Affairs, Regional Development and Energy

Where? Messegelände am Funkturm

Who? B2B Fair, Admission for trade visitors only